April 10th - This Week in the Pgh Startup Community

This Week in the Pgh Startup Community

Pgh Startup Community News, Events & Opportunities for the week of April 10th

A message from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Throw on some jeans, and do classical...differently at the new PSO Disrupt Series. Learn more (via augmented reality) from First Violinist, Marta Krechkovsky.Take advantage of the very special buy-one-get-one offer for RustBuilt community members by clicking here. (or use code RUSTDISRUPT)

This Week's Top Startup News in Pgh

This Week's Top Startup Events in Pgh

April 10th - 

April 11th - 

April 11th - 

April 11th - 

April 12th - 

April 13th - 

April 15th - 

This week's featured crowdfunding effort:

Blanket & Board is expanding their unique offeringsto include a Double-Decker Bus mobile event space.Join us in supporting their team - BoardtheBusPgh.com

This Week's Top Startup Job Openings in Pgh

Black Tech Nation is hiring

Kloopify is hiring:

LifeX is hiring:

Mayvue is hiring: 

re:Bloom is hiring: 

Rewyndr is hiring: 

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