Fempreneur September

Celebrate our Region's Female Entrepreneurs

As yinz may know, we're partnering with The Salon to toast to our region's female entrepreneurs on the rooftop of Field Day in Lawrenceville, next Wednesday evening. Join fellow founders, funders, and startup leaders from across the region as we mix and mingle with Pittsburgh’s most exciting founders, entrepreneurs, and community instigators to celebrate the launch of The Salon’s new, monthly Fempreneur Series.  Thanks to your event partners and sponsor, including:

ABOUT FEMPRENEUR Conversations about entrepreneurship can become siloed on the externals – money, competition, brand recognition, product launches, etc. What can get lost in all the #hustle culture is the actual human element – the emotional rollercoaster, the relationships, the wellness of founders.  ABOUT THE SALON The Salon is a female-forward space that connects the brilliant women of Pittsburgh. Through our programs, events, and weekly newsletter, Salon members find friendship, community and opportunities for personal and professional development.