June 12th - This Week in the Pgh Startup Community

This Week in the Pgh Startup Community

Pgh Startup Community News, Events & Opportunities for the week of June 12th

We're highlighting Bunker Labs' new cohort of veterans-turned-founders, new leadership at IW Robotics Factory, and new tax incentives for space and defense startups. Discover national advancements in our region's autonomous vehicle sector, smart recycling at the Airport, and ways to ensure that the future of a healthy Pittsburgh starts with welcoming.

This Week's Top Startup Events

    June 13th - BioBreakfast

    June 13th - 

    June 13th - 

    June 14th - 

    June 15th - 

    June 15th - 

    June 15th - 

    June 16th -

    June 16th - 

    June 18th - 

    This Week's Top Startup Job  Opportunities in Pgh:

    Blaspoint is hiring:

    Four Growers is hiring:

    Gather AI is hiring:

    LifeX is hiring:

    Mayvue is hiring: 

    One Valley is hiring: