June 26th - This Week in the Pgh Startup Community

This Week in the Pgh Startup Community

Pgh Startup Community News, Events & Opportunities for the week of June 26th

A Message from Seiso

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This week's newsletter delves into Duolingo's most recent notable recognition, the impact of AI on jobs, and the results of Code & Supply's 2023 compensation survey. Gain insights from key leaders in Pittsburgh's tech community, learn about initiatives supporting Black-owned businesses, and explore investment strategies and AI's evolving role in business.

This Week's Top Startup Events

    June 27th - BioBreakfast

    June 29th - 

    June 29th - 

    June 30th - 

    June 30th -

    June 30th - 

    This Week's Top Startup Job  Opportunities in Pgh:

    Blaspoint is hiring:

    ESTAT Actuation

    Four Growers is hiring:

    Gather AI is hiring:

    Mayvue is hiring: 

    One Valley is hiring: