March 27th - This Week in the Pgh Startup Community

This Week in the Pgh Startup Community

Pgh Startup Community News, Events & Opportunities for the week of March 27th

Supporting every stage of your product lifecycle.From branding and positioning to prototyping and development, Carney designs, builds, and markets groundbreaking tech and applications.We have worked as a trusted partner for brands like Astrobotic, Duolingo, Seegrid and others that want to break through the noise and scale their business. 

This Week's Top Startup News in Pgh

This Week's Top Startup Events in Pgh

March 27th - 

March 28th - BioBreakfast

March 28th - 

March 28th - 

March 28th - 

March 29th - 

March 29th - 

March 29th - 

March 30th - 

March 30th - 

March 31st - 

April 1st - 

This Week's Top Startup Job Openings in Pgh

Black Tech Nation is hiring


BLK DYMND Rewards is hiring

LifeX is hiring:

Mayvue is hiring: 

Rewyndr is hiring: 

Have a new product launching? Land a big customer?  Close a new round?  Or have some other WIN to share about your startup? Let the community know!