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for the week of Feb 26th

“If you are not embarrassed by the first issue of your new newsletter, you’ve hit publish too late”

- Us misquoting Reed Hoffman 2 min ago

Welcome to the new and improving Pittsburgh Startup News! Thanks to you—our 8,000+ strong community of founders, investors, developers, designers, storytellers, and community leaders— Pittsburgh’s weekly startup publication has grown into a vital source of news and and resources for Pittsburgh’s startup leaders.

With the newly revamped version of the publication, we’ll continue to bring you the latest startup news, events, and opportunities from across our region, and we’ll be adding even more hands-on resources, insider stories from the trenches, deep dives into the challenges and victories we face, and much more.

As we continue making improvements and additions over the next month, the newsletter will remain complimentary for all existing subscribers. Starting on April 1st (no joke), we'll be implementing a modest subscription model to ensure the sustainability and growth of Pittsburgh Startup News. This transition is key to improving the experience for our readers, and will enable us to further enrich the platform with talented writers, and hopefully designers.

As of April 1st, introductory 2024 Pittsburgh Startup News subscriptions will be:

  • Students (.edu): $1/year

  • Startup Founders / Employees: $1/mo or $10/year

  • Investors, Service Providers, Corp Innovation & Economic Dev Pros: $10/month or $100/year

    *introductory pricing valid through June 1st


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  • SkillBuilder.io - B2B Sales leaders wanted to beta test our AI-powered sales enablement platform. Get early access to the latest ethical ai capabilities, have direct access to the founders, and receive a substantial discount if you decide to hire your first digital salesperson. Contact: [email protected]

  • TurnUp - HR professionals wanted for 30 minute feedback session about our new platform that helps employers reduce costly turnover by predicting which employees are a flight risk and why. Contact: [email protected]