RustBuilt Wrapped 2023

RustBuilt: 2023 Highlights & What's Next

Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a yearand underestimate what they can achieve in ten years.- J. C. R. Licklider

As we prepare to wrap up the tenth year of our grassroots efforts in Pittsburgh, I am thrilled to share with you some key highlights and plans for the year ahead.Celebrating our Community's Growth, Engagement, and ImpactThanks to your continued support and involvement, in 2023 we were able to:

  • Produce and host 84 community events across the region, including the inaugural XchangePgh innovation + impact series, eclipsing 700 events hosted as an organization since 2014.

  • Grow the weekly Pgh Startup Community newsletter audience to over 8,000, keeping the leading founders, engineers, designers, and storytellers across the region more connected with the latest startup news, events, opportunities, and resources.

  • Grow the online community to over 1,100 members, encompassing 300+ of our region's growing startups (including Pittsburgh's newest unicorn) and even more investor, corporate, and service provider members.

  • Feature 4,637 national and local startup news articles (including dozens of original, founder-focused articles), 1,308 local events, and 186  job opportunities with local startups.

What are some ways to contribute as a community member?

The Next Episode:

We're at an inflection point in Pittsburgh. For far too long, we'd been spending too much time, resources, and goodwill trying to be the next anywhere else. Now, we're embracing a significant shift, and doubling down on our collective strengths, and are already starting to see the early benefits and enduring rewards.We are uniquely fortunate as a region to have such extensive economic development, philanthropic, government, and related support for our innovation community. But as decades of this work across the country continues to prove, successful startup communities must be founder-led to achieve lasting success.That means for our innovation community to continue to realize its full potential and to be as inclusive and impactful as possible, it's up to you, the founders, the operators, and the builders!We understand the challenges of growing a business while trying to be a contributing member of the community. In fact, as Adam and I focus on building and scaling (our new AI-powered B2B sales agent platform), we're taking a step back from organizing events and related programming. Instead, we're dedicating more one-on-one support to a diverse group of early-stage founders and leaders who are actively contributing to this next chapter in our region.

Here's to building the next great Pittsburgh together!